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The OneRoof Management System is the Premier housing software management system. Designed initially in 1994, the software received a 1998 HUD Best Practices Award, and since then has been expanding nationally, encompassing all aspects of managing housing services organizations.

The system can be used by local and county governments, and non-profit organizations, for managing housing services and rehab programs. The feature list includes:
  Application List all demographic, financial information, and status for client applications
  Bid Document internal document describing the scope of work required for each application - also generates Request for Proposal documents for the clients
  Case Account tracks all expenditures applied to a project, including using multiple funding sources, and separating administrative and project costs
  Loan Register tracking liens, grants, and loans by property and client, loan repayment processing and loan portfolio reporting, including creating coupon books and amortization schedules
  Contractor List a complete listing of current and past contractors, with company information for filling out activity reports and tracking contracts
  Budget Status up-to-the-minute management reporting of your organizations' financial status - without having to wait for a report from finance
  Timecard track all time spent by staff on each project, allowing for better estimating of staff time requirements, and reducing time required for payroll processing

The OneRoof Management System was designed to be very easy to use, and can be learned in a few hours. It reduces much of the staff's time spent on paperwork, allowing for better customer service, as more time can be spent with clients, and contractors - helping you stay on top of projects very easily.

The OneRoof Management System is designed to be used by everyone in your organization, and was designed to be networked - becoming your central information storage, with the paperwork being filed away for legal backup purposes only.

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